DishCo has endeavored to bring the Food Community together and once again make Dining a fun experience. We are inviting all foodies and food connoisseurs to join in and do the DishCo.

From bloggers and celebrities to your favourite sports star, the know-it-all office guru who knows all the right places to enjoy delicious fare, - Food Marshals are influencers and come from varying background but are all true blue foodies at heart.

Like you, they also choose their favorite dishes across your city and rank them on DishCo and you as their fan get to follow and see what your favourite stars prefer and where they go to get their fill.

Currently, Food Marshals are carefully hand picked by our discerning team at DishCo but if you enjoy eating out, ranking your favorite dishes and sharing your dish-covery with your DishCo friends, then maybe you could also join the fun and become a Food Marshal soon.

If you think you qualify to be our Food Marshal or wish to nominate someone who fits the bill, do contact us on and we just might pleasantly surprise you.